Marble – Classic, Stylish, Desirable

Staircase encased in beautiful white marble
elegant white marble staircase

Natural stone in any form adds tremendous beauty to your home, but the addition of marble gives a perfect touch of style to any room in your home.

Sought after for centuries:

Marble has been sought after and used for centuries. Its uniqueness is surely in the fact that no two pieces of marble are exactly the same.

While many may associate it with royalty, grand design buildings and sculptures, this natural stone is certainly not prohibitively expensive.

Not only available in pure white!

White as driven snow is a term often associated with marble and while it is true that white is the classic colour of this natural stone it also comes in a wide array of colours.

Blues, greys, greens, reds and pink are all available as well as streaked marble that really can have a stunning effect.

Rooms that will suit the addition of marble:

In truth, when professionally installed by an experienced stone mason you will find that marble can look stunning in any room and will certainly add to its ambience.

Here are some examples of the rooms in your home that make marble a worthy addition:

  • Kitchen: Your kitchen is a perfect fit for marble. It can be used as countertops that double as functional breakfast bars and as a backsplash. It is resilient, heat-resistant and very easy to clean.
  • Dining room: Marble flooring in a dining room adds sophistication and style. Not only does it look beautiful when paired with décor of a neutral tone, it gives the impression of making a space larger than it is. It must also be re-emphasised that marble flooring is extremely easy to maintain and clean.
  • Conservatory: For those who have a conservatory in which to relax or dine the inclusion of marble flooring is an excellent addition. It helps to offset natural light and offers a cooling effect.
  • Living rooms / Bedrooms: Installing marble floors in larger spaces can have a stunning effect. Through the addition of a marble fire surround or windowsill you really can create a classic looking space. Because marble does not absorb heat it also offers natural cooling of the space in which you use it.
  • Bathrooms: Marble offers a highly luxurious feel to any bathroom. It can be used as a sink counter, on walls, bathtubs and even the floor. Wherever marble is placed in your bathroom you it will brighten up the space and as an added bonus it is extremely easy to keep clean.

Unique in its own right:

Having marble professionally installed in your home offers functionality, an easy to maintain and clean surface, but more importantly it will give your home huge additional appeal.

It should also be remembered that due to its uniqueness you can be sure that no one else will have a ‘copy’!

Whether marble is used as a main focal point of any area or simply as a feature to any space, you can be assured that this majestic natural stone will add a touch of real classic style to your home.

Enhance The Appeal Of Your Outdoor Areas With Natural Stone Paving

Natural Stone Paving

Natural stone paving can make a huge difference to the outside of your property.

With thought, planning and professional installation you can turn driveways, patio areas, garden paths and steps into spaces that are easy on the eye, look very stylish and certainly attract attention.

Here’s 6 reasons to consider natural stone paving for your outdoor spaces:

A natural material:

The formation of stone is completely natural. It does not require any other resource or material in its creation.

Natural stone is also available in abundance and comes with different:

  • Veining
  • Textures
  • Colours
  • Shape
  • Individual characteristics

That all go to make a unique, environmentally friendly material.


Natural stone is extremely versatile. It comes in a variety of different sizes, shapes, shades and hues with different natural ‘patterns’ running through it. This makes it easy to have the stone laid to blend with your surrounding garden or outside area.

The versatility available through different designs and shapes can be used to maximise effect when it comes to complementing the different sections of your outside area.


Once natural stone is professionally laid it will most certainly stand the test of time. With care and attention it will also age beautifully.

As well as giving years of pleasure through its appearance it will comfortably withstand ‘high traffic areas’ such as driveways, front-paths and front porch areas.

The initial investment in natural stone will easily be recouped through the fact that it can last a lifetime and longer.

Ease of maintenance and care:

Like everything else, natural stone needs to be maintained correctly, but once it is it will last for many a year.

While there are now special natural stone cleaners available, it must be said that it can be cleaned simply by using a mild dishwashing soap and water.

There is also a good choice of finishes that you can have applied to natural stone. These ‘treatments’ include making them weather resistance, enhancing their wear and tear and ensuring the stone becomes more slip resistant.

It’s Recyclable:

Another huge environmental benefit with natural stone is that it is completely recyclable. This means it can serve many different purposes over its lifetime.

There are many uses for recycled natural stone. Through salvage, companies who are recycling this earth-made natural material are certainly doing their part in terms of helping reduce environmental damage.

Natural stone can be disassembled and then reformed and refinished to be used as paving materials, garden walls, or as part of an exterior structure. Smaller, flatter pieces of natural stone can be placed strategically to form a mosaic wall or floor design.

First impressions count!

When it comes to your property, first impressions really do count.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the professional installation of natural stone in outside areas such as driveways, patios, around ponds, for garden paths and any type of step is an ideal way to enhance outside areas of your property.

You can mix and match, change design to suit the area concerned and above all, feel proud that you are helping the environment through the use of natural stone.

Front Pathway & Stone Porch Designs

Stone Porch

They say that first impressions count. That being the case, you should take time to consider the different types of stone front pathway and porch area design to emphasise this visually important part of your home.

The positive news is that there is a wide scope when it comes to material and design options. When installed professionally these features will certainly add to the aesthetics of your property.

Suiting the style of your home:

Make sure the path and driveway (if there is one) form an attractive backdrop to your house front. They do not need to be too elaborate of detract from the house itself.

Unless your house is from a bygone age you should avoid such designs as ornate herringbone and opt for plainer, yet timeless designs that fit well with the actual age and character of your house.

Examples here:

  • Smaller cottages – These will suite Portland stone or old-stock brick which will give a substantial look to the front door or porch.
  • Victorian & Edwardian properties – Impressive, sturdy stone steps and porchways decorated with tessellated mosaic tiles will have the desired effect.
  • Modern designed homes – These tend to fare well when there is a backdrop of concrete or limestone paving. In this respect, the paler the colour chosen for your finish, the larger the area will appear.

Fit in with your surroundings:

Every road or street has its own ‘look’ and while you do not want to stray too far from this feel it is possible to add a touch of individuality. A neat, low key and formal design in terms of front pathway, steps and porch can be added to in order to subtly stand out.

Low maintenance options:

Those with busy lifestyles should look at main options in terms of front pathways. Attractive stone paving comes in many variations; consider bricks, slabs or permeable block paving with gravel either side being a solid, low maintenance option.

This design will require that the gravel is occasionally raked back into place, but it is far less time consuming to maintain than grass or garden area.

Stone porches:

Anyone looking to add instant curb appeal to their home should consider building a porch. By doing so it will not only be pleasing on the eye, but can also become one of the focal points of your property.

In many instances it also offers much needed storage space for coats, outdoor footwear and harder to store items.

You will also find that a well installed porchway helps reduce heat escaping from your property. With fuel costs constantly rising this should be seen as an added bonus.

Cost effective property additions:

Appointing a well-respected stone mason to complete front pathway and porch designs will afford some excellent benefits.

Their experienced eye will give them the ability to offer informed advice on your idea as well as presenting a whole range of design options for you to consider.

Once completed these features will highlight your property’s main approach and front entrance in style. Not only that, in terms of price, these are very cost- effective initiatives.

If you feel that your property will benefit from a new front pathway or porch design. Contact us today 

An Attractive Patio Installation Will Benefit You And Your Home

Patio installation

Those have just moved into a property or anyone looking to give their existing home a new lease of life should consider the installation of a new patio as a very positive step.

Let’s take a look at several advantages of such a patio installation with the first being something that all members of the household and their visitors will surely appreciate:

A very relaxing space:

In our ever-busier world quality time is of increasing importance. With the completion of a well-designed patio area you will have the perfect space to achieve regular bouts of quality time. This is regardless of whether such time is spent on your own, with family or when friends pop round.

You are at liberty to furnish the area exactly as you wish. The placement of a few relaxing chairs and loungers along with side and a main dining table will create exactly the ambience intended and weather permitting this space will be perfect for entertaining or dining al fresco.

You should also view a patio installation as the perfect way to increase living space and an informal area that can be used during every season of the year.

The perfect place to entertain:

We have just touched on this point but it is surely worth re-iterating. A well-planned patio is the perfect place to entertain.

Whether this is for a quiet get-together with a few close friends or a family barbeque the setting could not be better.

It will also allow you to keep a close eye on any children present who are sure to make the most of the garden area beyond.

Durability / Ease of maintenance:

By ensuring you use a professional, registered stone company who specialise in patio installation and finishing, you will be investing in a space that will last for many a year.

The use of quality materials and any relevant compounds cannot be underestimated as this will ensure your patio is safe, sound and durable throughout the best and worst of weather conditions with easy maintenance being a given.

A patio installation adds value to your property:

As well as offering a fantastic outdoor space for relaxation, socialising and entertaining, the installation of a patio will also add value to your property.

This means that in the event you decide to move you will have enjoyed the benefits of this extra living space and potential buyers will surely be impressed with what is on offer from the patio space provided.

Indeed, a well-installed patio could be the difference in securing a sale in todays highly competitive housing market.

Give yourself and your home a new lease of life!

We have only really touched on some of the many benefits a well-installed patio can offer to homeowners.

To realise the true potential of a patio installation you would be wise to contact a professional, qualified and experienced stone paving company. So please contact us today!

This will be a huge step in the right direction of giving yourself and your property a new lease of life!

3 Reasons You May Need Stone Step Services

natural stone garden steps

It may not seem like a hot topic for the average person, but if you are a homeowner or own a commercial building, then this subject may just cross your path. Often we just take steps for granted and lets the fact it, it is hard not to. It is not often you hear someone say ‘those steps are well placed’ or ‘these steps really make the property look and feel more homely’.

The fact is well-placed steps and well-maintained stone steps help with access, increase the value of a property, and they can help with the aesthetics of a property.

Here are our 3 reasons why people add stone steps to their property:

Add Curb Appeal To The Steps Leading To Your Front Door

How many stone steps have you seen that look worn down and chipped away? Now imagine you are about to purchase a townhouse that has steps leading up to the front door because the door is elevated from the pavement area outside. This is a common city theme in places such as London or New York.

Next, you need to recall on buildings you have seen stone steps that are sparkling clean, with no chips or damage and compare this to another property in which the steps are not well maintained. Which property would you rather purchase?

If you own a property with stone steps leading up to your front door, then take a good look at the current state of those stone steps. Any chips or damage can be restored by using the services of a stone step specialists a.k.a. a stonemason. Furthermore, the repair work will help increase the value of your property should you decide to sell.

Adding Steps For Access

There is a list of reasons why you might want to add stone steps to an area of your property. It might be that your property is on a hill and rather than walk up a steep path along the side of your place, steps could be added. This kind of access does not come without some heavy and wise investment, but the expense could be beneficial. Access is an important factor for people looking to purchase your property and for a property assessor valuing your home.

If you feel that adding stone steps will help with access to your property in an area where there is currently a steep slope, then get in touch with an expert to advise you on the benefits of doing so. You can figure out how much value the investment would add your property and how building stone steps will help with access giving your property more appeal to a wider audience.

Stone Steps Built Into Your Backyard

One of the most common reasons people require the services of a stone step construction expert is for their garden. In hilly areas, gardens are often uneven. Probably one of the most notorious places for this kind of landscape in London and Hong Kong. In fact, Hong Kong’s step construction took many lessons from stone step construction experts in London to make the hilly terrain of the ex British territory livable.

If you are looking to add value to a home that is on an awkward landscape, meaning the garden is uneven, then stone steps are a great solution. Even if you are installing just one or two steps to make traversing your garden that much easier the expense is worth it. You can choose steps that add to the aesthetics of your garden, plus the completed construction will add value to your property.

Speak to one of our experts today if you are looking for some great natural stone steps

Steps & Pathways To Complement Your Garden Landscape

Pottering as well as relaxing in a garden area are pastimes enjoyed by millions of homeowners.

Your garden – Your design preference!

Part of the joy of gardens is that we all have our own ideas on how they should look and whether they are established as low, medium or high maintenance features.

The level you decide on is down to personal taste, choice, desire and time available for upkeep, but one thing is for sure, steps and pathways to complement your garden landscape are features that should certainly be invested in.

The connective glue that pulls your garden together:

You should view your garden steps and pathways as the glue that brings your landscaping together. As well as adding to the overall appearance of your garden and being standout features themselves, when properly laid they offer a safe, secure route giving ease of access to all areas.

Unless you are an avid DIY enthusiast you would be wise to discuss the installation of garden steps and pathways with a qualified stonemason. These professionals completely understand the importance of well-laid steps and pathways and can help those seeking sensible solutions tremendously.

Garden steps:

So many homeowners disregard the need for correctly placing and installing garden steps. To add to the beauty of your garden and to allow you to traverse your garden area with ease they need to be correctly designed and safe to use. It is also strongly recommended that you light stepped areas for additional night time safety.

One invaluable part of any garden step installation is getting the chosen step design proportion of treads to risers correct. This is a major safety aspect.

Landscape steps and/or garden stairs can be built with a variety of materials. This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

The difference between a cinder block and a concrete block can be found here

Garden walkways:

Please do not go to the trouble of installing perfectly safe garden steps and then placing lower concern on your garden walkways. You should consider these paths in the same way you do your house access via hallways and landings.

Your front garden pathway can be seen as an extension of your front entrance and hallway. Your walkways to any terraces or patios as an easy way of access to your side or rear garden space.

Again, correct installation of walkways is vital. Durable material should be used and installed to ensure water does not collect in any of the areas. To give your walkways a special effect you can consider planting trees either side which open on to the front, rear and sides of your house, and once again remember to light these pathways for the nighttime safety of your household members and guests.

A whole host of options – make the most of them:

There are a whole host of options for steps and pathways to complement your garden landscape.

You may want an area with stepping stones, a traditional style pathway running under an arch covered in brightly coloured, sweetly smelling flowers, or a stepped walkway leading to a sunken pond.

The options are many and by discussing your vision and needs with a qualified stonemason you will achieve exactly what you are looking for.

The Beauty Of Restoring Old Stone Flooring

The beauty of restoring old stone flooring in a property is something many homeowners dismiss. There are many reasons they should not!

Think twice before removing original stone flooring:

Any new property owner moving into a house that includes original stone flooring should take time to understand the potential benefits of bringing it back to its original appearance.

Restoring, cleaning and maintaining such a stunning feature is often far more beneficial than removing it completely.

This same recommendation goes to those who have room(s) with original stone floors that need care and attention in order to bring them back to their majestic self.

A very special feature:

There is no doubt than an original stone floor should be valued as something that brings appeal and character to a home.

Careful restoration of such a floor will add appeal and attraction to any home and will certainly be a focal point of any area once restored to its former glory.

Do not despair!

It is important not to be too discouraged if the original stone floor(s) in your property look old, worn, dirty and beyond repair.

The truth is, an authentic floor is something that should be cherished and classed as a very special feature of any home.

Contacting a qualified stonemason for a no obligation discussion on the actual state of your stone flooring will allow them to inspect and then assess options available for restoration.

Going down this route means you are taking a huge step in terms of adding character to your home that will be the envy of many.

Assessing the state of original stone flooring:

Things a stonemason will point out include appraising the current condition of your floor, the extent of any damage and whether there are realistic options in terms of restoration.

They will then be in a position to advise on such things as:

  • The general condition of the stone in terms of dirt and grime
  • The extent of any residue left over by previous coverings (Lino glue is a particular culprit!)
  • The state and extent of damage to grouted joints
  • The number of uneven stones – This will not always be a problem, but must be assessed
  • Any broken stones or gaps in the flooring – If replacement stone is required then this can generally be sourced
  • Damp – We have left the most serious consideration until last. If damp is involved this will be the most difficult issue to fix. It is very often not an issue but must be mentioned

Experience in stone masonry required!

Once an evaluation has taken your stonemason will be in a position to advise on work required in order to bring your beautiful stone floor back to its original glory.

This will include such important issues as:

  • Exactly what work is required
  • The methods they will use from start to finish of the project
  • The length of time restoration will take
  • Clear cost proposals with alternatives if applicable

Restoration will reap rewards:

There is no denying that the beauty of restoring old stone flooring will take time, effort and expense, but the rewards once complete will aesthetically enhance your home and bring back original character.

And please remember; once this work is complete it will be in place for many a year to come!