Natural stone steps services for London

At Stone Steps and Paving we use only the highest quality natural York stone and Portland stone to build, repair and renew paths, bullnose steps and stone slab steps that enhance and accentuate the entrance way to your home or workplace.

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New stone steps for London house fitted by our stonemasons
Pictured: New stone steps for a London house fitted by our stonemasons

Stone steps design and installation

Being one of the leading companies for natural stone steps in London, we employ stonemasons and bricklayers with a long and varied project history. From cathedral masonry to heritage brickwork, we ensure that the work to your front Stone Steps and Paving is undertaken to the highest quality by our team who are specialists in their fields. If you are looking for natural stone steps, London has many providers, however, we pride ourselves on being the best.

We understand that undertaking such works can seem daunting but we can help you with every stage of the project, from choosing the appropriate stone to full design and installation of your entrance way.

Every property is different and as such has individual and bespoke requirements. This may be that the treads and risers that we are replacing are the only access into and out of the house. We are well versed replacing steps on properties that have only one entrance – there is always a way for us to ensure you have full access at all times. We may find that the substructure is failing and needs rebuilding – Our teams can rebuild and reinforce any brick, stone and foundation issues there may be. It could be that you are experiencing damp and leakage – We can install substructures to our steps that are impervious to all damp, ensuring that you have a dry, water tight area beneath your steps that can be utilised as an additional storage area or it can become a useful, internal, addition for your home. We pride ourselves in fulfilling your wants and needs and with providing that special finishing touch.

Office stone steps
Pictured: New stone steps for a business office building installed by our stonemasons at Stone Steps and Paving

Stone steps for houses and business buildings

Natural Stone Steps and Paving accentuate any entrance way and as well as the aesthetic qualities that they provide, the investment in your property will only add value to the largest asset many of us will ever own. The benefits of renewing or restoring your front stone slab steps with new stone has many tangible benefits.

There are many styles of stone and many styles of steps. We are dedicated to helping you find which is right for you. From solid stone slab steps to fine moulded designs, we can recommend a period style that will suit your homes era or accommodate any design you may have in mind.

We are here to help you every step of the way.

Internal stone staircase by our stonemasons at Stone Steps and Paving
Pictured: Internal stone staircase by our stonemasons at Stone Steps and Paving
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